Week 6 update

It's collar time! Introducing collars is always a fun part of the puppy parenting process. There are many amusing moments watching them try to run and scratch at the same time! However, they did great. Just a tiny bit of wiggling and the collars were forgotten about in nearly no time flat.

They are starting to come to a whistle and they follow along well. Their play drive is high, as you might expect, and they are getting stronger. They are getting to spend an hour plus outside each time and have made it all the way around the house. They love to play in the lilac bushes. They lie in wait for each other and pounce!

They have been getting kibble 3 times a day now...as you can see by their weights below! They're still nursing a bit to supplement but they all gained about 2 pounds this week!

Week 6 weigh in: Blue Mountain Skjaldbreiður: 6 pounds 10.3 ounces; Blue Mountain Baula: 6 pounds 0.5 ounces; Blue Mountain Kirkjufell: 6 pounds 3.1 ounces; Blue Mountain Litlakista: 6 pounds 1.8 ounces; and Blue Mountain Andri: 6 pounds 14.5 ounces.