Personality! not just a pretty face...

The following are our initial personality impressions for the puppies:

Skjaldbreiður: He is calm, and takes things easily. He is a bit cautious and watches the others before he jumps into a situation. His mask will stay black and his body will be a mix of colors, predominately gray, we believe. He can walk, trot, and scamper. He loves to climb on people, lick a chin and bite fingers and toes whenever possible. He likes brushing and cuddling.

Baula: She is quiet. She watches the others and is never the first to a new thing. She prefers to let the others blaze the trail. On the other hand, she has a sly sense of humor and will pounce on the others when they least expect it. She is very sweet and loves to be held. She is a true Tricolor like Andri.

Kirkjufell: He has a black mask and predominantly gray longish hair. He is adventurous, and will strike out on his own. He is one of the first to explore a new toy or obstacle. He is calm, taking new experiences, either pleasant or unpleasant, in stride, recovering quickly from any stressing situation, he is not a complainer. He likes to climb on people, lick their chins (or nibble on them). He cuddles and settles in a warm lap when he is tired.

Litlakista: She is almost always the first in any adventure. She is quick, eager and doesn't wait for the others to show her anything. She is the one to pounce headlong into trouble whenever possible. Yet she is sweet and cuddly and somehow no-one minds that she bites. We are not sure if she will be a Tricolor, only time will tell. Markus (her grandfather) didn't show his tricolor until he was close to a year old.

Andri: He is outgoing, yet careful. He is a true Tricolor. His black will stay black and the tan and gray markings will become a bit more prominent. He likes cuddling, brushing, biting, and licking, all that you would expect a puppy to like. He is not worried about new sounds or vibrations, people, terrain or smells. Seems to be a thinker.