Markus was our introduction to Icelandic Sheepdogs. His bright intelligence and eagerness to please has endeared me to the breed. 

When we were looking for a new dog, we wanted one that was friendly, smart, eager to please, and naturally good with horses and other animals. We learned about Icelandic Sheepdogs at a "Meet the Breed" booth at an AKC conformation show. We liked the dogs we met there and enjoyed visiting with the person at the booth. We decided that Icelandics were the breed for us and eventually found on in Indiana from North Skye Icelandics. (here is the post from his litter) As Markus has grown, he has shown that he is exactly what we were looking for. He was exactly as advertised! How rare is that?

Markus has successfully bred twice, both litters produced good puppies out of which he has several litters of grandchildren. He is available for stud services either in person or AI (artificial insemination). Markus was re-tested for fertility on February 16, 2016. The result of his test showed that he is as fertile as he was when he was tested at 4 years of age with 99% active sperm. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a service.

Hip: L=0.47/R=0.47                    Eyes: OFA CERF: Normal 9/2015


Markus wearing his AKC Herding Started Sheep Title ribbon



Having a little fun sitting pretty