Week 2 update

All is still well!

My it's hard to remember to keep the half door on the whelping box closed! We rescue puppies regularly from the alien environment of the carpet. They always seem a bit confused to be out of their bed. 

Baula of course opened her eyes on Friday, Skjaldbreiður and Kirkjufell on Saturday, Litlakista and Andri's eyes were sort of open Saturday evening but definitely open this morning. Everyone's ears are starting to relax as well.

The weekly weigh in: Skjaldbreiður: 34.2 oz; Baula: 32 oz; Kirkjufell: 30.3 oz; Litlakista: 30.3 oz; Andri: 34.3 oz.

We are busy making toys and learning tools, the adventure box is the most fun to put together so far. It's basically a pvc cube on which we will hang toys and sparkles for them to explore. We will expand it as they get bigger to make baby agility toys and maybe even a maze!