Week 1 update

All is well!

Puppies are gaining weight easily and are energetic little wigglers! We have had to close the half door in the whelping box to keep them from climbing over the edge already... They are a bit young to go adventuring under the bed alone yet.

Emma's milk came in full force about day 3 and has been able to gradually spend a bit more time away from the puppies as they are able to eat more in each sitting. She even got to go for her first walk today! A whole 20 min of puppy free bliss :) of course she was more than ready to get home and count toes!

The weekly weigh in: Puppy #1: 21.6 oz; Puppy #2: 21 oz; Puppy #3: 19 oz; Puppy #4: 19.3 oz; Puppy #5: 20.7 oz.

And as an addendum to the last post about dewclaws...Puppy #3 has a double dewclaw on his right front too.