Week 8 update

Week 8...how time has flown! The puppies have learned to be a pack! They make up games, roughhouse, and chase the cats. The adults have spent a considerable amount of time telling them that the word isn't all about them. They have begun leash training and have taken to it quickly. They have had their first two trips in the car in a crate and found it only a little unsettling.

We have been working very hard on getting them to understand that we go outside to use the bathroom and they have us trained really well! As soon as they wake up they go out, as soon as they have eaten they go out. Consequently we no longer have any messes in the house! Unfortunately we haven't had a full night of sleep in 5 weeks...

They have seen more weather in the last week: snow, frost, clouds, wind, rain, rain and more rain...they have discovered just how tasty mud can be!

Andri and Baula were picked up by their humans yesterday. Kirkjufell and Skjaldbreiður will be with us for another week before their humans come get them. Litlakista, however, will be staying with us as our next generation of sheepdog. Please check out her page where we will post all of her new pictures, videos and events.